School Uniform and Equipment


To support our culture of high expectation, River Academy will be a uniform school.  Schools which have clear expectations about dress and appearance are more successful than those which do not.  We expect students to present themselves smartly for their working day and ask that parents support us in this, by providing the correct uniform items and supporting appearance expectations.  Our intention is that the uniform will be both practical and comfortable.

A full uniform list will be published here in due course together with the PE kit requirements.

Equipment for Learning (Y7-11)

All students are expected to have their own equipment for learning. All students are expected to have the equipment listed below contained within a transparent pencil case. This pencil case allows tutors to check the equipment of students quickly and easily. We appreciate that students may not be able to fit a scientific calculator and maths set in their transparent pencil cases, and so we are happy for these to be carried separately in their school bags.

• Pens – black/blue, green and red
• Writing pencils
• Coloured pencils
• Rubber
• Pencil sharpener
• Glue stick
• 30cm ruler
• Maths set (containing protractor, compass, set square)
• Scientific calculator – we recommend a Casio calculator - FX-83GTX or FX-85GTX, however most scientific calculators are fine.
• At least 2 highlighters
• Transparent pencil case

We recognise that some families may at this time be experiencing financial hardship.  If this is the case, or you are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, then please contact the relevant Head of Year, if you require additional support.