Statutory Section 10 Consultation

From 24 May to 12 July, Maiden Erlegh Trust conducted a rigorous and fully compliant Section 10 Consultation exercise based on a Published Admissions Number (PAN) of 240. After careful consideration of views raised during the consultation, MET requested to reduce the PAN and add an Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP). In October the DfE approved River Academy opening with a PAN of 180 and a 35 place ARP, with 7 places per year group, for children aged 11-16yrs with moderate learning difficulties (MLD). MET believes the PAN adjustment and addition of the ARP will ensure that River Academy best meets the needs of our community.

To ensure that River Academy continues to be a constructive, responsible, and trustworthy member of the school system, Maiden Erlegh Trust believes that the appropriate course of action is to re-open the Section 10 Consultation with stakeholders in the community specifically to consult on the reduction in PAN and the inclusion of a 35 place ARP SEND provision.

This relaunched statutory consultation will be delivered for a four-week period starting at 12:00 noon, Friday 17 November 2023 and run until 12:00 noon, Friday 15 December 2023.

This consultation is important, and we are interested to hear from all stakeholders in relation to our plans for the school.

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